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The work that I conduct in the Laboratoire ƒpistŽmologie et activitŽ mathŽmatique continually surround four fondamental research poles.



Mental computation and solving processes
This research is centered around the study of solving processes that students engage with, and the resulting mathematical activity, when immersed in a mental computation context. In addition, my interest in mental computation concerns other mathematical objects/themes than numbers, that is, algebra, trigonometry, measurement, geometry, statistics, etc., in order to investigate the potential of mental computation practices with these themes.

Teaching and/through problem-solving
The perspective adopted in my work, and particularly in my teachings, concerns problem-solving: specifically, the teaching of mathematics (uniquely) through problem-solving. Recent developments, in collaboration with some of my graduate students, have led me to conceptualize and study in details the implications of this teaching approach.
Epistemology and mathematics education research
My research is continually conducted through a variety of epistemological endeavours. I am interested in contemporary theories about knowledge and learning and epistemological issues related to research in mathematics education (theoretical, methodological, etc.).

Development of mathematical ideas
The work that I conduct is strongly grounded in mathematics and in the nature of mathematical content. This mathematical pole also leads me to study and (re)think mathematical content to develop new perspectives on it (from fractions to geometry, systems of equations, trigonometry, etc.). This work aims to stimulate important reflections on the mathematical content taught in schools and their place in mathematics education research studies.