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The CAS Tasks
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Activity Student Solution Key Teacher
Activities 1 to 3 present a sequenced approach to the notion of equivalence of algebraic expressions.
Activity 1 focuses first on a numerical and then on an algebraic perspective.

Activity 2 explores the effects of various CAS commands for determining equivalence of expressions.
Activity 3 makes a transition from equivalent expressions to equations. It relates the equivalence/non-equivalence of the two expressions that form the equation to the solution of the equation.
Activity 4 focuses on rationalizing an expression’s denominator.
Activity 5 provides an exploration of the sum and difference of cubes.
Activity 6 explores patterns in the factorization of expressions of the form xn -  1 for integral values of n, including the deriving of a general factorization of this form.
Activity 7 deals with the use of factoring to solve equations that contain expressions with radicals.
Activity 8 presents a sequenced approach to systems of linear equations, beginning with numerical evaluation and then working toward giving meaning to the comparison and substitution methods for solving systems.